This programme gives members of the team a chance to supplement their income with a monthly bonus. The purpose of this is to stay focused on our priority which is customer service whilst ensuring all our services and extra offers are put to each customer where appropriate.

  1. From 1st of each month until last day of the month records are kept of all ‘up-sells’ (see list and points)

  2. At the end of the month the winner will be announced based on highest points per shift. If you work 10 shift in one month and have 12 point then your score will be 0.83. If you work 4 shifts and have 10 points then your score will be 2.5.

  3. Bonus is cash prize, sum of which will vary depending on that months service.

    Up sell list

    • Cheese/additional food - 1 point

    • After dinner port - 1 point

    • Non House bottles of wine - 1 point

    • Cocktails - 1 point

    • Top shelf wine - 2 point