Peach & Pippin

We were so excited to visit this amazing farm located near Manningtree in Essex, John left with baskets of berries and wildflowers to decorate the restaurant with!

Peach and Pippin is a small-holding, four acres of organic paradise, a teaching centre, a woodland, an orchard, a food provider, an incubator, a spreader of goodwill, and a home. 

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Peach and Pippin is a family run enterprise set-up by Ian and Rebecca who live with their three young daughters, Romily, Miriam and Gwendolyn. Both Ian and Rebecca are teachers but also have a habit of complicating their lives with social enterprises, green projects, apple pressing extravaganzas, and always lots of gardening.

They grow organic fruit, flowers and some vegetables. and sell these at the market and wholesale. P&P also make juices, jams, ice cream, cakes, cordials and compotes.

They regularly host events and activities for all the family check them out

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Jaime Lawson