Sarah Green Organics

Sarah Green's Organics is situated in Tillingham on the east Essex coast, 50 miles east of London. Sarah Green is the third generation of her family farming in Tillingham, where they grow a wide selection of seasonal organic vegetables throughout the year. Sarah regularly walks through the organic vegetable fields and at the end of each week sends out a wholesale list to her customers of the organic vegetables that will be available for the forthcoming week.


Vino Vero

The shop has won three awards and is the only place of its kind east of the M25.

Sam and Charlie know every single one of their wines, and the people behind them.  From the £6.95 mid week reds, through to the more special wines, everything has been vetted by them.
They have a strong focus on organic and biodynamic wines, as well as 'low intervention' wines; those that haven't been mucked about with, either in the vineyard or in the winery.


French's Farm

At Frenchs Farm they have never used chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, artificial fertiliser (nitrates) it has always been their concept to work in harmony with nature and put in more than we take out.  As a result of our dedication to this style of farming we have won awards for our environmental farming methods.

This ethos is principal in livestock farming and they never sell any products that comes from a factory style farming environment.